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Forty "W"ritings (aka our blog)

Check here for industry updates, guidance and our latest thoughts.

Impact of the Silicon Valley Bank Failure Thumbnail

Impact of the Silicon Valley Bank Failure

* Silicon Valley Bank experienced a classic run on deposits from their start-up tech company client base. * Consensus is this not another 2008-type financial crisis. * Fear will likely remain elevated in the short-run especially for other regional banks. * We are going to continue to monitor to manage risk and look for opportunities.

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November Market Commentary Thumbnail

November Market Commentary

November was a positive month for both stocks and bonds despite global manufacturing falling into contraction territory, zero COVID policy in China causing civil unrest, and global central banks continuing their aggressive tightening policy. However, investors looked beyond the headlines and towards the potential slowing of interest rate hikes and conclusion of the U.S. midterm elections (gridlock is back!)

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Estate Planning is Family Planning Thumbnail

Estate Planning is Family Planning

Estate planning is the part of the financial planning process where you proactively put a plan in place in the event you become incapacitated or die. Cheery stuff, eh!? Anyone who is interested in making sure their wishes for themselves and their loved ones are carried out should do some level of estate planning.

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