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Our goal is to help our clients and their families thrive professionally and personally.  

These events are designed to provide timely education on topics to help build financial confidence & empower you 

with tools to stay engaged and plan for your future.

Register for our upcoming events below and connect with us on your favorite social sites.

Upcoming Events

Student Loans –

Crash Course with Gradfin (What You Need to Know)

THURSDAY, june 8th, 2023






Hear from Gradfin student loan expert on the latest info on student loan forbearance and forgiveness and how to get strategic with student loans as a savvy education planning tool even for those with high net worth.


Clients + Friends & Family

Tough Talks-

(Navigating difficult conversations with family) 

september, 2023

registration coming soon

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Discussing difficult topics, like finances and healthcare, with aging parents and siblings can be scary, challenging & confrontational.

Don't wait for conflict or a big decision to practice communication skills with your family. Hear from  our family communication expert, Fern Pessin, on how to start and navigate difficult conversations. Learn strategies to encourage good communication, what it takes to get the whole family involved & keep moving forward together.


Clients + Friends & Family