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Forty "W"ritings

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Federal Reserve Sparks Investor Fears Thumbnail

Federal Reserve Sparks Investor Fears

Both the stock and bond markets took a big move down last week dropping the major indices back to their lowest levels of 2022. This latest move was the result of persistently high inflation and the Federal Reserve’s bark and bite which has increased the probability that a recession is on the horizon. Traditional recessions are uncomfortable for everyone, and they are devastating for those directly affected by job loss or business closures but for long-term investors they tend to give way to some of the best market returns. Markets will stabilize before the real economy feels good and before the confirming data comes in. The challenge to long-term investors is to remain resilient, confident and patient so that you are in the game when the market tide turns. This has been a historically challenging year for investors; almost all asset classes have lost money year to date. We recently concluded a deep dive on our client portfolio allocations and holdings; we remain convicted to both.

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